Trading Schools

Most trading schools are, unfortunately, aimed mainly at stock traders. Although you can learn a lot about trading from stock-focused education, it's best to stick with forex educational resources if you're going to trade currencies.

However, there are types of education that can be taught on one market and then used on another market. The most obvious information that can be used on many markets are technical analysis indicators and methods.

However, not all technical analysis indicators and methods are transferable, so you have to be selective in choosing such educational courses (as well as have some prior knowledge of suitable technical analysis methods.

Trading Schools - Resources

One of the first resources that can help you in trading education can be your own brokerage. It usually is in the best interest of the forex brokers to educate their customers about the best methods and strategies for the forex markets. Most of this type of education is actually arranged by third party trading institutions and schools.

Also, if you trade forex futures, you can also contact the exchanges that have forex derivatives trading. These marketplaces educate both professionals for continuing education as well as complete beginners.

Finally, you can also access independent trading education institutions directly. As an exemplary list, these resources include:

  • Online Academy of Trading
  • Profitrade FX
  • Aspen Forex

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