World Currency Exchange Rates

World currency exchange rates are available from online sources and you can get them to your mobile phone as well.

Some of the rates offered from online sources are taken from interbank markets, meaning that you cannot get same rates for small changes of money, for tourism purposes, for example.

Therefore, don't be too suprised if you find your money exchange company to have much bigger spreads (difference between ask and offer prices) than the ones available from the net.

World Currency Exchange Rates Resources

There are many sites that offer exchange rate information. Also, there are many approaches to showing you the data.

Among of the most convenient world currency rates converters are the ones that let you pick a region on a graphical map to do the conversion for.

There's also an FXConverter from that has conversion between 164 different currencies around the world with numerical user interface.

Finally, there's that claims to have all of the known world currencies for conversion.

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