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Australian Currency Exchange Rates

Australian currency exchange rates information is available from the central bank and from other local resources.

The Reserve Bank of Australia, the central bank of Australia, offers exchange rate information both for daily rates and for historical rates, up to as far back as 1983.

In 1911, legislation established the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. In 1959, this organization evolved into the current Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) in legislation. The main responsibility of the bank is monetary policy.

Publishing currency exchange rates is part of the central bank's public service, which also includes publications on its operations and research.

Australian Currency Exchange Rates - Reserve Bank of Australia

The central bank offers rates against the Australian dollar for most major currencies. The rate is determined as mid-market rates (mid point between the bid and ask rates at the time of the calculation).

The page for daily current data is located at:

However, the bank also offers a comprehensive historical rates archive, found also under the Statistics section of the web site.

You can download the entire package of rates against the Australian dollar for as far back as 1983. The total package is 5.3M large, which takes a while with slower connections.

The bank has made accessing the packages really convenient from spreadsheet point-of-view, as the packages are in Excel format (.xls).

Australian Currency Exchange Rates Other Providers

Although the service from the central bank is good in itself, there are some additional services that you might find useful.

These services include intra-day (live) prices, charts, and other related information.

The following providers offer additional information for the Australian dollar rates:

  • (historic rates of currencies)
  • (charts and current quotes)

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