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Canadian Dollars Exchange Rate

You can find Canadian dollars exchange rate from many resources. The best references come from the official source for exchange rate in Canada, the Bank of Canada.

The Bank of Canada is Canada’s central bank. The roots of the Bank go back to the Bank of Canada Act, which received royal assent on 3 July 1934.

In March 1935, the Bank of Canada opened its doors as a privately owned institution. That status changed in 1938, when the Bank became publicly owned and remains that way today.

Among the bank's main duties are

  • safe and secure currency
  • financial stability
  • low and stable inflation
  • efficient management of government funds and public debt

As part of the central bank’s service to public, they offer CAD exchange rate conversions, both for the current rate, and also reference historical rates.

Canadian Dollars Exchange Rate – The Bank of Canada

The Bank of Canada publishes nominal noon CAD exchange rates every day at 1 p.m. EST.

The bank offers a handy conversion tool at, which offers three kinds of conversion tools:

  • Quick converter using the latest day’s rates
  • Historical currency converter with advanced options
  • Exchange rate look-up (for past ten years)

Canadian Dollars Exchange Rate – Quick Converter

The quick converter service from the bank offers quick conversions of or from the Canadian dollar to other world currencies. The service uses the latest afternoon rates, as published by the Bank of Canada.

The service gives you both the amount, as result of the currency conversion, plus the exchange rate used in the calculation.

Canadian Dollars Exchange Rate – Historical Currency Converter

If you need to know specific historical Canadian dollar rates and convert amounts to or from other currencies, Bank of Canada has a handy tool to perform historical currency rate conversion as part of their service.

Also, you can get the results in CSV (Comma Separated Value) format (or HTML), and they’re easy to import to excel sheets, for example.

Canadian Dollars Exchange Rate – Exchange Rate Look-Up

Bank of Canada’s historical exchange rate look-up service lets you browse and download data of past rates for up to ten years back.

Many researchers and forex market analysts use these rates in excel and other spreadsheet programs. The data is available in CSV format, which most spreadsheet programs can operate with.

Specifically, a CSV file contains commas and line-endings that tell the spreadsheet program how to divide it into cells, rows, and columns.

The software program that creates these results from the side of Bank of Canada is called dataBANK.

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