US Dollar Chart

US dollar chart are available from data providers, forex brokers, and free forex portals.

A few years back, chart services used to be very expensive and not very widely available. However, now things look much different. Most online brokers give you charts free of charge as part of the trading platform package.

Charts make a standard addition to traders' tools. Many technical analysis techniques use charts to determine entry and exit signals. The signals are derived from chart patterns such as "heads and shoulders", "double bottom", and "ascending triangle".

US Dollar Chart Resources

If you're trading actively, your online forex broker should have a platform with charts included (not all unfortunately have this). Some brokerages even allow trades to be placed directly on the chart without a separate interface for them.

One of the most popular destinations with dollar charts and currency conversion is Yahoo! Yahoo's conversion tool, at . This tool allows conversion between major currencies and the dollar, with a dollar chart extending up to 2 years history.

As for forex futures, one of the most popular destionations is located at The basic charts are part of the free service available at the site. There's also a premium service with advanced charting and data downloads.

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