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US Currency Exchange Rate Information

US currency exchange rate information, in news and analysis format, is available for free from the major information providers like Reuters and Bloomberg.

Most of this information is provided for free. Naturally, these companies also have subscription services that cost a lot of money and contain up to the minute news as they happen.

However, these free services offer a nice way to learn about the basics of how currency markets work and how some people trade them. Although many of these analyses contain trading advice, thereís no guarantee that the strategy would be profitable in any circumstance.

Therefore, itís advisable that you use the free news and analysis services to learn about the market basics. Combined with the other available forms of learning the markets, these are in many ways complementary methods.

US Currency Exchange Rate News & Analysis

Bloomberg is the favorite channel of many traders for dollar-related news and analysis. Bloomberg was one of the first market information providers that understood that traders could benefit from having, in addition to the basic market information, advanced charts, lifestyle articles, and channels to spend the hard-earned cash without leaving the trading floor or desk.

Bloomberg offers information through their trading terminals, radio (can be heard as an Internet radio) and TV shows, and through their web site, located at USD related news are a core part of their information service, and you can check analyses at:

Financial Time newspaper is another commonly seen item on the currency trading floor. Their analysis on currencies is of the highest caliber, and youíll find the related other economic news and derivatives analyses to be highly beneficial as well.

In addition to the newspaper format, you can find many of the hottest topics analyzed in the web site, located at, as well. For US currency exchange rate news & analysis, go to

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