Bend Oregon Real Estate Investment

Bend Oregon real estate investment advice is available from local realtors and associations that deal with real estate on the local level.

Some recommend, for real estate investing, the City of Bend's Juniper Ridge development in North Bend.

The area is under development, but some of the area will be developed into light industrial zoning and research and development.

Some of the area, however, is seen by some as area where the city might have four year college campus, plus some commercial and residential real estate development. These plans might have been scrapped during 2007, but very little information is available online.

Apart from such speculative developments in Bend, inside the city limits lots for industrial development has moved from investor portfolios slowly, as there has been seemingly an over supply of available lots.

Before you make decisions based on the current situation in the Bend Oregon area, it's best that you talk to your real estate advisor that has his finger on the Bend property market pulse.

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