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Forex online broker trading platforms differ from one broker to another, and you should pay attention to the details to make most out of your trading.

These platforms offer different types of tools, which may be beneficial in achieving your trading goals.

Many brokers offer standard package of tools including:

Professional Charting
Standard, Mini & Micro Lots
Full Hedging & Trailing Stops
Real Time News

In addition, a standard feature nowadays is a test account, which allows you to test the trading platform before you place any real money in play. A TIER 2 or 3 PageWith these testing platforms, you place money as you would in real life, but the losses/profits are not real. These testing sessions will also, in addition to being tests on the platform, provide insights into your trading strategy and its viability.

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Many like to divide the available forex brokers into two main categories: offshore forex brokers and onshore forex brokers.

Of these, offshore forex brokers are located outside the country of residence of the trader, typically in a low tax jurisdiction (or tax haven) location that provides financial and legal advantages.

The benefits of offshore financial institutions may include:

strong privacy
less restrictive legal regulation
low or no taxation
easy access to deposits (at least in terms of regulation)
protection against local political or financial instability

Onshore brokers are located in the same country as the trader, and fall under the same jurisdiction as the trading entity.

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