Forex Online Option Trading

Forex online option trading is done via forex brokerages that also have options trading function.

Most of the forex online brokers don't offer options trading, simply because most of the retail forex traders don't normally trade in options for forex.

In addition, if these brokerages do trade in forex options, there are normally trading minimums, meaning minimum positions in options as well as minimum account sizes.

The forex options are basically of two types, either plain vanilla options or exotic options.

Of these plain vanilla or general options are the basic put or call options, sold OTC (over the counter).

The other type, exotic options, are normally tailor made to the customer, with specific strike prices and features. These options are normally not sold OTC.

Currency Trading Online Option Trading - Companies

CFOSFX is one of the companies offering online forex trading for options.

CFOS/FX is a division of Commodity Futures and Option Service, Inc., an Independent Introducing Broker registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and National Futures Association (NFA) Member since 1988.

Another is Saxobank, which offers Over the Counter (OTC) plain vanilla European style Forex options in 33 major currency crosses, traded online through the SaxoTrader platform. They also offer two types of exotic options barrier and touch which are available across nine currency crosses.

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