Forex Online Trading Systems

Forex online trading systems are available from several trading system vendors, and there are several methods in which these have been derived.

For one, most are based in technical analysis, meaning they use past price data for trading signals.

These signals include MACD, Bollinger Bands, moving averages, ADX, and Williams %R. Most systems use a mix of signals to provide the final verdict whether the trade is a buy/sell/hold.

The bigger question is how the trading rules are given. Most systems come as black box, meaning you simply get software where you plug in the data and get judgment from the market on the market situation.

The other type is open system, where you know all the trading rules.

Forex Online Trading Systems - Vendors

There are several trading system vendors out there. Here are some of them.

Before you purchase any of the systems, read as many reviews and feedback from other purchasers as you can.

Also, make sure you purchase the type of system you are looking for in ways of trading horizon (long term, swing trading, or day trading, for example).

Pay attention to making rules for money management, meaning rules on trading size and capital conservation matters, among others.

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