Free Online Forex Trading Courses

Free online forex trading courses are mostly available from online brokers, you also would like you to sign up for a trading account.

However, mostly, these courses are offered to anyone upfront, and you can make up your mind about opening an account.

However, a practice account with virtual non-real money is a good way to practice the markets and play out your trading strategy, so that is education in itself.

The better courses offer tips on how to build not only your trading strategy, but also measures for money management, such as how much money you'll risk per trade.

Some of the features in the free courses may include (this list is from FXCM):

Choose your currency pairs
Decide how much risk you are willing to take and how much you want to gain
Track the time and date you placed the trade.
Keep notes describing your strategy and why you chose to enter the trade.
Decide how long you want to stay in a trade (hours, days, weeks, months).
Why did you exit the trade? Was it at your stated stop or limit level, or did you get out for other reasons, etc.?
Experiment. Remember, you want to make your mistakes on the practice account - not with real money!

Free Online Currency Trading Courses - Available Courses

Here are some of the providers of free online forex trading courses:


Remember that once you've made the details of your trading plan, you'll need a practice account to test your strategies. You can even do this while your reading the educational material, which should give you a way to test the theories given at the courses immediately with the practice account.

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