Investment Property in Blacksburg VA

Investment property in Blacksburg VA is located throughout the New River Valley region and you can even get education to evaluate them.

On education, the New River Community College has in the past offered courses in “Principles of Real Estate” and “Real Estate Appraisal” at the college’s off-campus site inside the New River Valley Mall.

If you're interested in such a course, which may give you great insights into how to find investment properties in the area, you should contact the college directly.

One of the best ways to find investment properties in the area is to contact the local realtors.

One of the local realtors that you can contact is Susan Erickson, Realtor from Long & Foster Realtors Blacksburg office.

She, in fact, was the recipient of the Good Neighbor Award from the New River Valley Association of Realtors in recognition of her community service work.

If you're interested in Virginia foreclosures and those in Blacksburg in particular, the foreclosure rate has been low relative to other states, at nearly two thirds lower than the national rate of 1.4 percent in 2007.

In the second quarter of 2007, 5,800 Virginia homes were in foreclosure, 4,000 of which involved subprime loans.

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