Low Minimum Investing

Low minimum investing in forex is available through mini forex accounts.

In standard forex trading, the standard account sizes are in the tens of thousands, typically $50k and more, and lot sizes are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars in the interbank market.

However, with mini forex accounts, you can participate in the forex market with fractional lot sizes and fractional account sizes, with as low as $50 account minimums with some mini forex brokers.

The margin requirements are derived from the account capital, so you may have to add to the account balance as you buy more mini sized lots or your position loses value.

Similarly to forex trading, you can also participate in the stock market with fractional ownership or margin trading, through the Contracts for Difference (CFD) brokers.

With CFDs, you do not need the full amount of the underlying stocks at your account, just the required margin for your stocks, from which the losses are deducted or to which the profits are added.

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