Private Investing UK

Private investing UK is done by over 12 million people who invest directly in stocks and shares.

In the UK, many have become direct stock market investors via sales of former public utilities such as BT and British Gas which were privatised in the 1980s.

Similarly, in the 1990s many became private investors through building societies which converted to banks, offering these newly minted shares to their former members.

In addition, it has become an increasing trend in the UK for companies to offer shares to their employees as part of their compensation.

Many private investors operate directly, via online brokers or otherwise, in the financial markets, adding or reducing holdings from their portfolio.

If a private investor uses Discretionary Services, it means you delegate responsibility for buying and selling investments to a manager.

Such services are especially focused with so called private banks, which only handle the monies of their high net worth clients.

Another typical service that private investors use is an advisory service, which gives financial advice to their clients, but let the client decide if, how, and when she acts on that advice.

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