Stock Market Investing Information

Stock market investing information is available from online financial newspapers, stock tip sites, and sites offering financial data analysis.

If you're looking for financial news, they are now a commodity, and a free one at that.

Every investor now has up-to-date financial information through the internet as it happens, something that before the internet was born was only available through to willing to invest in such high caliber news services as Bloomberg or Dow Jones Newswire.

Bloomberg, Financial Times and many other sources ( lists a lot of them) report thorough analysis on economic events as they happen, for free online.

For raw financial data, you can turn to a lot of resources. For past stock market data, you can download historical quotes from services such as and for most tickers on NYSE, AMEX, and NASDAQ.

For having those same historical quotes on graphical format and doing chart analysis, there are several resources, including for that.

For doing deep financial analysis on a particular stock, you need to research their financial statements.

In the U.S., most of the listed companies financial statements are available through SEC online, at .

For doing the same with international companies, some websites, such as, have some of the data available for free.

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